Friday, July 29, 2011

A Place To Begin

Though I'm not sure where to start, I have found the beginning. I do not consider myself to be a writer by any sense of the definition... my grammar is poor, I tend to use punctuation where it doesn't belong, poor spelling...yet I need an outlet. I have opinions and I enjoy the enlightenment of others. My intent is to find other people who not only enjoy debating, but also enjoy opening their minds to new ideas. One thing I have learned in my short life, is that the majority of the people I have met are looking for one thing only...Happiness. Whenever I feel that my life is tough, I look at what goes on in the World. So many people live under the suppression of others. Their lives are dictated by the strict ideals of those  in charge. Some places much worse than others. My main focus recently has been the Middle East...Syria more specifically. Every day people are dying for what they believe, yet they refuse to be silenced.

If anyone happens to stumble upon this, I would love to hear your ideas. Where have we gone wrong as a World population? What do we need to do to change it? Hopefully I will get better at this as I go on.